Become a Certified Senior Housing Professional

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All applicants for the CSHP designation must meet the following requirements:

1. All applicants must meet one (1) of the following education options prior to taking the CSHP exam and prior to being considered for the CSHP designation.

Success in Seniors Real Estate -- 2 day live course
Success in Seniors Real Estate -- eCourse

Success in Seniors Real Estate -- telecourse

2. Pass the CSHP examination and complete post-course action items illustrating subject knowledge AND implementation (within 90 days of course completion)

3. Complete the CSHP application forms including proof of experience, letters of reference, and $35 exam scoring fee. If you have completed fewer than 10 closed real estate transactions, submit the mentor agreement with your application. 

4. Sign and return the CSHP Membership Pledge

Once the exam has been passed and required post-course action items complete (within 90 days of course completion), the applicant must meet all other eligibility requirements within a 12 month period (production requirements and references). 

The CSHP credential will only be awarded to individuals who meet all eligibility requirements — including successfully completing the educational course requirements, CSHP exam, post course action items, and application and who are notified by the Seniors Real Estate Institute that they have been approved.

Membership must be maintained in order to utilize the CSHP credentials in marketing, advertising, and promotion. Membership includes the timely payment of membership fees and meeting continuing education requirements.

First year membership following approval is included in the course registration.

Check out the membership benefits page for membership information.


Annual Renewal

CSHP's renew their credentials annually after the first year in order to continue using the designation and marks and receiving access to the CSHP materials, membership site, and benefits. 

To do this the CSHP will:

1. Complete, sign, and return the annual renewal form including mandatory disclosure information.

2. Affirm that he/she has met applicable continuing education requirements for the recertification period.

3. Pay the annual renewal fee ($129).

Frequently Asked Questions

Success in Seniors Real Estate curriculum and becoming a Certified Senior Housing Professional


CSHP and Senior Real Estate Institute (SREI) do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, gender, national origin, ancestry, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or marital status.