What Our CSHPs Are Saying

I have been through several certification programs before (SRES, CDPE, CNHS) and this is clearly different. This program, when finished (and this was A LOT of work) those certified are clearly qualified and ready to take on the challenges of working with seniors and later-life moves. I do want to offer a warning: it clearly isn’t for everyone. Working with seniors is not like working with other clients. It requires a great deal or compassion and patience but the rewards are huge when you can help a client achieve their goals and move to a more manageable environment and residence, the relief this can bring to both the senior and their families can be enormous.

-        -- Chuck Strauss

Since I already had experience personally and professionally serving seniors, I knew I wanted to help the ones I know with any real estate question they might have. This is why I decided to specialize, first with SRES, and then SREI.... The CSHP is much better than SRES because this is DIFFERENT, specializing into great depth of knowledge of serving seniors. I feel like I just completed a college course! Thank you Nikki for caring so much about seniors, to train REALTORS to serve them to the fullest and best capacity! 

-- Brenda Shepherd

Prior to taking this course I had considered other similar classes but none had the in-depth resources and road map to success this one does. I really did think carefully about moving forward but after hearing the trainers and coaches it became obvious this was the way to go. This is an excellent program, most likely the best of its kind. I would recommend it to anyone who would be considering a change of focus in their career to specializing in seniors real estate. 

-- Carol LeClair

The seniors program is intense. As a new agent I have struggled with starting my career and keeping on point while implementing the 90 day action plan. However, once I am finished the joy I have experienced and the accomplishment replaces any fear and frustrations I have had in completing the program. I would tell others who are contemplating taking the seniors course to “do it!” The training and support that is given is miles ahead of any other training I have experienced. The light in a senior’s eyes when they experience a stress free move says it all!

 -- Becky Cossey

The program is necessarily lengthy, but it was hard to carve out the time to actually do it. To focus on the senior real estate market, you cannot make a half-hearted attempt. There is too much at stake. Seniors are often afraid to move forward with a move so they need a real expert to rely on.

 -- Becky Ivins

The course is well organized and practical. The instructors stayed on topic and know the subject matter very well. The subject matter is presented in a concise and efficient way. The course has expanded my knowledge of the challenges and opportunities seniors have in their lives at this time. The course has made me more aware of the things I need to be sensitivity to when dealing with our senior population.  What I would say to someone considering this program or a change of direction in his or her career. It’s a lot of work but if you enjoy working with older folks go for it.

 -- Carolyn Kavanaugh

This course gave me direction. Many realtors get into this business with only the thought of helping people not realizing and understanding business development. This course has given me the tools to be efficient and productive in developing my business. Without completing this program I would have left the business. This program gives you the tools to improve your business. If you follow the steps you can be successful. It takes follow up, persistence and hard work.

-- Carol McKenny

I totally enjoyed the program. Nikki was wonderful in helping me professionally organize my new business and personally helped me feel better about the road I was taking. Nikki was refreshing and gave so much of herself to the course. I highly recommend that people specialize in senior real estate because this will be where the majority of Real Estate needs will be heading.

 -- Barbara Davis

I always enjoyed working with seniors but this gives me more confidence and purpose. People realize I am taking this serious by devoting my time to specializing with seniors. When I went on listing appointments before they were hesitant to work with me but I went on a listing appointment yesterday and they couple said that they would definitely work with me when they were ready. They also wanted some of my cards because they have neighbors who could use my services.

 -- Anne Shaw

I am so glad I took this course but I did not understand how much I didn’t know and the amount that I had to learn. Just believe and do it, it is a challenge but such a rewarding challenge. Its a lot like being a parent again in learning the small baby steps, toddler steps and teenager steps in learning the personalities and growth patterns of seniors.

 -- Ann Casady

By completing the program and action plan I have developed a new expertise of working the “Last Time Sellers” that is relevant in today’s real estate market. I would highly recommend this course if you are looking to change your focus in real estate and specialize in the senior market. The Success in Real Estate course not only provides the vital book knowledge in order to gain a pulse on the senior industry, it provides the opportunity to apply what you have learned in the classroom through a 30 day action plan. In other words, you get both the “book and street knowledge”.

-    -- Dave Kipling

When I decided to take the Success in Seniors Real Estate course, I was trying to decide what I wanted to do when I grew up. Nikki and Michele helped me realize that there are other who have a passion for helping people. Their enthusiasm and knowledge were quite amazing to experience and extremely helpful in informing me of the myriad of matters within the scope of senior late in life moving/living decisions. The program is excellent and well designed for those who want to continue to develop their expertise helping seniors.

-    -- Chuck Sharp

As the population ages there will be a greater need for agents who have the ability to understand the circumstances of seniors and how to help them. This program offers an education in those areas most important to the aging population. Serving seniors can be one of the most challenging and rewarding careers.

-- Freda Hamlett

I have joined the Senior Living Team in our office as well as partnered with a friend in the office to specialize in working with Boomers.  I’m encouraging my partner to also pursue his CSHP because the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained through this experience.  I believe that this is the next great wave in real estate and that I would be making a huge mistake not to jump in feet first.

-- Vicki Parks

This was a difficult undertaking but check it out and see if it resonates with you. If it does, do whatever it takes to stay the course and make it happen. I now have the structure and resources to move it all to the next level and am now moving forward with purposeful intent.


Dennis Daniels

Serving senior adults is the “hot area” in real estate. SREI prepares realtors to provide the comprehensive, quality service that senior adults need and deserve.  For those of who see real estate has more than selling and truly value serving, SREI provides the framework for us to develop our business.  Yes, there is a lot of work but that’s what make earning the CSHP unique and a designation to be truly proud of.

-- Virginia Lazenby

The SREI training program is substantial and should not be entered into lightly. Nikki is an inspiration and I am grateful to have the benefit of her background and experience. In order to effectively and successfully serve the senior market, one MUST become educated. There is so much more to it than just selling a house or recommending possible living communities.

-        -- Corliss Birks

The program is really detailed, like a college course. It provides a huge amount of information and then an action plan. You learn and do and learn. If you want to be a different kind of agent, you need to take this course. It’s not so much about selling houses as it is about learning new skills to prepare you for all of the new challenges you will face.

-- Erica West 

The SREI program is a robust training experience and I am grateful for the opportunity to attend. Nikki’s background is unparalleled in the real estate industry. To have an instructor that can teach, as well as having had great success in the subject matter is rare. I believe that seniors real estate is the next great wave in real estate and agents would be making a huge mistake not to jump in feet first.

-       -- Deb Clickenbeard

Having the plans, tools, and experience that took Nikki years to accomplish is priceless. I feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. I feel good that I am equipped to empower others to choose a new and vital lifestyle. It is so rewarding to work with Seniors. Also, you need to consider the time that is invested in working with Seniors and their families. If you are considering specializing in Seniors real estate I can’t imagine anyone choosing this road without investing in the SREI course, It Equips, Educates and Empowers.

         -- Connie Williams

I feel I have a real resource in SREI to turn to with questions and ideas. I don’t feel I’m going to get frustrated in the process and give up. I feel all the tools were shared with me to be successful in this niche. I also have a network of other agents with this designation that I can share ideas and experiences with. Nikki’s experiences throughout the course were so invaluable and her little suggestions were jewels of wisdom. I considered taking this designation through NAR but I’m so glad I didn’t. A two-day cram course would not have worked for me. I would not have come out feeling as confident and informed. Plus, there would be no resources to fall back on when you have a question. I would highly recommend that someone interested in the senior market take this course through SREI.

-       -- Cellini

The course aligned with my thoughts and Nikki brought out points that may otherwise have not been considered e.g. Moving furniture or moving someone away from their memories – a feeling of losing control. If I didn’t take the course, I might have faded away from the business as I was ‘burned out’ from chasing expired listings. The results remain to be seen but many more enjoyable contacts have already been made resulting in several advocates who are listening for me. Although the experiences are yet to come, I feel good that they will be rewarding – not only financially but a feeling of satisfaction. I would recommend to others who are thinking about specializing to consider this course and to go ahead and work less time but be more productive.

-- James Golden

The course and Nikki shined a light on my current retirement living status and my lifelong dedication to serving the needs of people from my initial training in the ministry to my early work in the schools as a teacher and counselor and on through my last 40 years as a real estate broker/owner. Recognition of the baby boomer movement toward retirement tied to the CSHP emphasis on counseling and serving made this role ideal for my purposes. Without the training, I most likely would have continued to struggle along with the occasional investment transaction and competition with the multitudes of residential agents as I attempted to get back into the sway of RE sales.

I recommend it highly. Loan agent on my team is taking the course currently on-line and my personal assistant will take the course as soon as she finishes her work for the real estate license.  Market is ripe! Need counseling approach vs selling emphasis! Service first, meet needs, broaden approach to understand all phases of process!

-- Jim Brown

The course is jam-packed with useful information. It tells us what to do and how to do it. What’s really nice is there was no fluff or unnecessary filler. I like the two solid days; the pacing was good. Drinking from a fire hose but we get to keep the hose after class. The course materials are excellent, and every time I page through to find something, I see other things that make me say, “Oh, my gosh! I need to know/do that! Come back to it!” I am extremely pleased with the whole thing. Make sure the focus is something you can be passionate about or at the very least, something they can enjoy. If they haven’t had a specific nice before, I would say having a focus can be a great help in figuring out what to do to grow your business. I would advise specializing in seniors only if they sincerely want to be an advocate for them and not just add a tag line or designation to a business card; neither they nor their senior clients would be happy.

-- Julie Schroeder

When I started the course work for the CSHP, I saw a need to be filled in my area. A pretty large population, really two-tiered of Baby Boomers and their senior parents contemplating changes and looking for information and guidance. The course was very comprehensive and covered not only housing options, psychological issues with seniors, marketing for that niche, building vendor relationships and creating action plans moving forward. I investigated other designations that while they were less expensive and probably easier to complete, would not have given me the preparation this course provided. I would recommend the program to anyone thinking about serving the senior population in their area!

-- Stacey Kiernan

I was searching for a specialty for my real estate business and had previously taken the SRES class.  The SRES was fairly worthless and did not provide the roadmap for creating a business based on a seniors specialty.  It left me with no answers on things like, “how do I build a business focused on senior needs?”  “What steps do I need to take?” Taking the class and then working on the action plan gave me the confidence that this is totally achievable.  I would encourage other realtors that chose to specialize in seniors that this course is a must -  it tells you exactly what you need to do, you just have to complete it!    I feel good about the direction of my real estate and feel proud that I will be providing valuable service to a group of people that have been not a focus or specialty for many agents.

-- Stephanie Parsons