Downsizing Made Easy Presentation System

Downsizing Made Easy is designed as BOTH a client resource and educational tool, as well as a PROVEN marketing system for real estate professionals who specialize in assisting senior clients. Unlike other senior directed pieces, this guide is intended to ensure that YOU maintain the expert role throughout the downsizing process.

As professionals dedicated to serving downsizing seniors, we know it is your goal to ensure that your clients are well informed, prepared and equipped to navigate the complexities that a late-in-life move entails. By utilizing the proven Downsizing Made Easy 5-Step System for a successful move, you will accomplish exactly that.



"As a real estate broker and senior move management company owner, I originally developed Downsizing Made Easy to add value to our senior clients during the move. Over time, learning more about client and caregiver needs, I expanded the contents and it's use to positively impact our teamʼs customer service, to generate leads, and to actually produce revenue!"

– Nikki Buckelew


Downsizing Made Easy Guide contents:

  • Overview of the "5 Easy Steps to Downsizing"
  • Complete list of questions for your senior clients to consider before making a move
  • Housing needs checklist
  • Descriptions of common senior living options
  • Key questions for touring senior living and skilled care communities
  • Forms that include a timetable for planning the move and comparison charts on available housing options
  • Guidelines for family meetings and a sample letter to inform family of move plans
  • Tips for hiring various key professionals related to the moving process (including real estate agents)
  • Guidance on estate sales and estate auctions
  • Suggestions for effectively adjusting to a new lifestyle
  • Frequently Asked Questions concerning the moving process

Downsizing Made Easy: A Powerful Business-Building & Presentation Tool

Three proven strategies for using Downsizing Made Easy as a powerful tool in building or expanding your seniors real estate business

1. Client Guide

Downsizing Made Easy is, first and foremost, a guide for your senior clients and their family members. Regardless of what stage of the downsizing process your clients are in, the guide serves as a reference tool allowing them to address issues proactively that they may have not yet thought about. The guide often sparks conversation and will make it easy for your client to ask questions and engage you in meaningful dialog about their move.

Adult children find Downsizing Made Easy especially useful because it gives them a tool for taking notes and storing information. The guide serves as an important reference and answers their most frequently asked questions. Your validity and credibility as a trusted advisor are further reinforced with the two customizable pages that focus on you and your brand.

2. Business to Business Lead generation

Downsizing Made Easy serves as a perfect item of value when meeting with other professionals about being a part of your l seniors real estate network. When you give a fully branded copy to senior community marketing reps, elder law attorneys, estate sales professionals, financial planners, insurance agents, mobility company reps, and other key professionals who also serve seniors, they will be impressed with your level of professionalism and will naturally choose you over other agents who may have approached them with their standard real estate brochure and business card.

Use the guide as a "pop by" gift, a coffee table book at doctorʼs offices, and educational material at various local businesses and organizations. Donʼt forget to tell them you are always willing to provide more copies for their clients and all they need to do is call you when they need one!

3. Seminars and presentations

Your Downsizing Made Easy guide doubles as a teaching tool. Use the guide as your outline when speaking to groups or organizations, facilitating focus groups, or conducting seminars to generate more leads. Step #3 titled "Surround Yourself with Qualified Professionals" is relevant subject matter in almost any setting and can easily be presented in a limited-time format.

At the end of your program, simply offer a free copy of the entire Downsizing Made Easy guide to anyone who would like to have one by passing around a request form to get names, emails, addresses and phone numbers.

For larger groups and professional presentations, a PowerPoint presentation is included to accompany your talk.

These are only a few of MANY ways Downsizing Made Easy takes your seniors real estate business to the next level.


Create Business Alliances Using Downsizing Made Easy

Because of its professional appearance and its long shelf life, the Downsizing Made Easy guide provides a great tool for affiliated vendors to advertise their services cooperatively with you. As you are creating your seniors real estate network, simply ask your business partners if they would like to include an advertisement in your Downsizing Made Easy guide. They can submit print-ready artwork (which you approve) that gets their name out to people who receive it directly from you or who flip through it while waiting to see the dentist! You get to determine how many advertising pages will be in the back of the book and which advertisers to include.

You set the pricing structure based on your economic model and collect the revenue to offset your printing costs and mailing expense

Downsizing Made Easy as a Risk Reduction Tool 

We have all experienced information overload and forgotten certain conversations with people. It happens. As seniors are attempting to digest the plethora of new information thrown at them during their transition, you can be certain that this "information overload" will emerge somewhere along the way (maybe for you too!).

Downsizing Made Easy is an excellent risk-reduction tool when given to every senior client with whom you work.. When questions emerge, you can simply refer them back to the conversation, and reference the page in the guide that addresses that topic. In doing so, you will help to keep your clients informed and reduce the chance of hearing, "but you never told me about that."


Purchasing the Downsizing Made Easy Presentation System

What's included:

  • Lifetime license to reproduce and distribute the Downsizing Made Easy guide in printed format
  • Two customizable pages for personal branding and description value-added services
  • Bi-fold color brochure via download of the 5 Easy Steps and calls to action for use in marketing and lead generation
  • PowerPoint presentation designed to easily facilitate talks at meetings, group functions and events
  • Talking points for each slide covering the 5 Easy Steps in the Downsizing Made Easy guide
  • Press releases for pre-event and post-event promotions
  • Five page participant workbook for classes and presentations
  • NEW Addition -- Template flyer for promoting Downsizing Made Easy seminars and classes
  • NEW Addition -- Event checklist for pre- and post-event preparation and marketing tasks
  • NEW Addition -- Participant survey template
  • New Addition -- Inbound marketing tools and graphics
  • Lifetime access to updates and new additions to the Downsizing Made Easy presentation system
  • Special pricing on professional printing and binding services including custom pages 

Learn more by visiting our FAQ page

PowerPoint Presentation and Key Talking Points

In addition to the Downsizing Made Easy guide, we now offer a PowerPoint presentation as a part of your purchase!  Many of our licensees have asked and we are delivering. We are confident that this new tool will add value to you as you are presenting talks in your marketplace and will set you apart as the expert advisor in seniors real estate and housing!


Participant Workbook

Now included with your Downsizing Made Easy Presentation System license, you also receive a 5 page handout especially for attendees at classes, seminars, and events. These easily customizable document saves you time and energy and gives your participants a great take-away from the program. Special appreciation to CSHP Charter Members, Team Junell, from Pleasanton, CA who helped with the creation of this great new tool. 



Marketing Flyer Template

New addition! An art-work ready flyer template to market classes, seminars and events. This sample flyer is built in PowerPoint and ready for you to easily transform into your personalized marketing piece.








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