Seniors Real Estate Coaching & Consulting

At the Seniors Real Estate Institute we provide you with the support you need in order to become a mature market icon!  

And because you are unique, we customize our approach to meet your unique needs. By providing a mixture of both coaching AND consulting, you get what you need -- when you need it!  


We ask great questions designed to make you think, develop, stretch, and sometimes get a bit uncomfortable. In this relationship, we assume that you are capable and competent and can find the answers -- you just need someone to help you explore options and to keep you focused on what you say you want. While we recommend strategies and techniques for helping you find the answers, ultimately, you are the author of your success. Most clients in this category say to us: "I know I have the answers, but I must be missing some pieces somewhere because I am not getting the results I expected."

Coaching creates long-term growth and expansion, 

stretching you to think differently!




You tell us what you want and we tell you what we believe will best serve your wants, needs, and established goals based on our experience and research. Ultimately, you have complete control over whether to accept, reject, or modify anything we recommend -- the results are still your responsibility as the client. Most clients in this category say to us: "Just tell me what to do and I will do it. I don't want to have to figure it out."

Consulting solves current problems and creates immediate results,

guiding you toward action!




Silver Coaching 

Monthly --  $550 per month  

One time -- $1500 (additional $150 savings with 3 months paid in advance)


  • 2 scheduled coaching/consulting sessions monthly
  • Email and phone support between scheduled sessions

Platinum Coaching (Individuals)

Monthly --  $1000 per month  (regularly $1200 per mo)

Get two BONUS sessions when you pay 3 months in advance


  • 4 scheduled coaching/consulting sessions monthly
  • Email and phone support between scheduled sessions 

Platinum Coaching (Corporate)

Contact our office for details. 

Getting Started

New Clients

1. Request a complimentary consultation

2. Participate in a phone coaching/consulting session with an SREI Coach

3. Determine if coaching/consulting with SREI is the right fit for you

4. Complete coaching agreement and client profile

5. Submit payment information and schedule first session

Established Clients

1. Complete updated coaching agreement and client profile 

2. Submit payment and schedule first session


If you fully participate in coaching/consulting and are not completely satisfied with your session, we will either refund your money or schedule a make-up call with your current coach or another SREI team member -- your choice. We believe in providing value and we stand behind our commitment to providing it.