Once you have the basics in place it’s time to to STEP IT UP and go from being “just another agent” to becoming the authority!

Becoming an authority in seniors real estate and housing means more quality referrals, stronger relationships and new opportunities -- all leading to MORE sales involving the people you enjoy serving most... seniors! 

Who qualifies to participate?

- Eligible candidates must be active CSHP members
- Only CSHPs who are 100% committed should enroll
- CSHPs that are willing to take some risks and get their hands dirty

Participants in the Agent-to-Icon Coaching Program commit to:

  • Prioritizing time EVERY week (throughout the program) specific to growing their seniors real estate specialty

  • Full participation in group sessions 

  • Submission of weekly self-coaching report via the online group forum 

  • Reviewing and providing constructive feedback on group-member self-coaching reports and implementation efforts

  • Investing in professional growth and STRETCHING limits and boundaries

  • Stretching beyond your comfort zone and trying new and unique business development strategies 

  • Sharing tools, resources, and learning experiences (both failures and successes)

NOTE: Only those committed to being present for all sessions and stretching beyond their current limits should enroll in this program. 

What do the sessions involve?

Each session is interactive and somewhat organic in nature. We utilize an online video conference format, so it is important you have a computer with a camera and high speed RELIABLE internet access. (Don't worry! We do a personal 'pre-program prep call' with you to ensure you are ready for the live sessions). 

As a participant, you will come to each session having already completed your self-coaching report and will share your week’s activities and outcomes with the group. We will celebrate BOTH your failures (growth opportunities) and your successes (wins). If you don't have a few failures, you probably aren't pushing your limits!

Based on your self-coaching report, your coach will provide live and/or written feedback, suggestions, and coaching support directly related to your outcomes, goals, and intentions. Hit or miss - you must bring it ALL - no holding back.

Agent-to-Icon is a group mastermind combined with coaching and consulting

Participants learn from each other as well as from the coach. Topics are determined based on group consensus and your coach's guidance. Calls are recorded and available for replay to group members only.

What is included in the self-coaching report?

The self-coaching report is made up of a handful of key questions designed to expand your thinking and cause reflection. Creating time and space for personal insights about your past, current, and future self and business will help you grow both personally and professionally. By taking time each week to complete this report, much of the hard work is already done on your part. Then it’s time to open yourself up and become transparent in order to deepen your level of learning and commitment. 

In addition to the questions, you will also track and report your weekly progress and activities.

The entire report is due every week on Friday. 

Your coach provides individualized feedback via the online forum to each member publicly. Members learn from each other, as well as through the collective coaching feedback. 

NO BOUNDARIES -- creativity is not only welcomed, but encouraged! Just because it hasn't been done doesn't mean it won't work. Let's STRETCH beyond our current limits! 

What can I expect from my coach?

As your coach, I will show up for every call with gusto! Not only will I be your biggest cheerleader, I will also be the one who points out when you are not living up to your full potential. You will get my best coaching, resources, motivational support, and candid feedback on your coaching report.

By the way, not only do you get your own coaching report feedback, you get EVERYONE’s feedback. Sometimes learn from what others are either challenged with or gifted in. The coaching report feedback is intended to be a learning opportunity for everyone.

Complete transparency and vulnerability = massive personal and professional growth.

Are you ready to become the authority in your market?

Email us today at for details on our upcoming Agent-to-Icon program options.