25% of all sales in the past 2 years have involved a seller over the age of 65.

The senior demographic is growing at a massive rate and stands to have the biggest impact on the real estate industry than any other single factor!

What are you doing DIFFERENTLY to position yourself to earn the

opportunity to serve more senior clients?


You undoubtedly already know that in order to succeed in real estate in the coming decade you will require new and different skills.

You also likely recognize that with the aging population, not all agents will be equipped (or have a desire) to serve mature home buyers and sellers.

And of course, you also understand that in order to position yourself as the agent of choice for older adult homeowners, family members, adult children, and professional service providers, you MUST start taking action immediately.

What Makes Success in Seniors Real Estate courses the most ADVANCED in the industry?

Trainings by and through the Seniors Real Estate Institute (SREI) 

are specifically designed to equip real estate sales professionals to not only SERVE mature clients who need and want to downsize, rightsize, simplify, relocate, and age in place, but to develop and operate a highly successful NICHE BUSINESS MODEL that is both financially AND personally rewarding! 

Success in Seniors Real Estate courses are MORE than just training.

Participants TAKE ACTION to increase their current productivity and profitability while creating a personalized road map leading to massive long-term success, ongoing referrals, and REAL personal satisfaction.

Courses involve a combination of real estate sales and marketing, business and leadership development, and environmental gerontology. No other course offers as much depth and diversity as offered in Success in Seniors Real Estate courses.

Exclusive Blueprint for Seniors Real Estate Success

Not only should you expect to experience high-level advanced training, education, and coaching, upon classroom completion you ALSO get access to our comprehensive post-course ACTION PLAN designed to help you implement your new knowledge immediately, strategically, and intentionally -- the first and ONLY Blueprint to Seniors Real Estate Success of it's kind

Upon completing a course in Success in Seniors Real Estate you will:

  • Have access to the proven foundational components necessary to effectively and confidently work with mature sellers and buyers 

  • Tap into your natural instincts, talents, passions, and Zone of Genius to know exactly which seniors niche is RIGHT FOR YOU! 

  • Create key partnerships with like-minded professionals to further extend your marketing message, provide needed services, and add value

  • Successfully differentiate yourself from the real estate "pack" by creating a specialized service model unique to YOU and YOUR goals

  • Know exactly HOW to generate senior-specific AND senior-related sales leads from the 3 proven key lead sources 

  • Expand your current real estate value proposition to include senior clients and their family networks, making you the agent of choice in competitive situations

  • Discover multiple ways to anchor your position as the referral agent of choice for local senior living and retirement communities

  • Feel confident by being surrounded with other industry professionals who share your passion and desire for serving the older adult and senior markets

Success in Seniors Real Estate

  • Complete Success in Senior Real Estate course manual packed with over 200 pages of scripts, worksheets, exercises, and resources

  • A multitude of simple and manageable strategies for better assisting mature clients with late-life moves involving long-time family residences

  • Key conversations for moving senior homeowners forward on issues like pricing, staging, showings, de-cluttering, and other pre-listing home preparations

  • Dozens of PROVEN lead generation strategies for attracting both senior AND non-senior clients who are ready to sell now and in the future

  • Tips, tools, and tricks for creating an iconic and eye-catching online brand, social media presence, and marketing program
  • Communication techniques for mediating tough family dynamics that will make you look, sound, and feel like a seasoned pro
  • Hands-on interactive content, case studies, and experiential exercises designed for adult learners of all types 

  • Ongoing post-course group coaching and support calls

  • Step by step post-course action plan for immediately applying what you learn 
  • Online access to downloadable and customizable forms and tools
  • Press release templates and marketing letters designed to create instant interest in your specialty and credentials
  • Your first year annual CSHP® membership* including online CSHP Library and monthly coaching support

*CSHP Memberships are subject to production guidelines and completion of post-course requirements

Course content

Introduction to Seniors Real Estate 

Familiarization of the demographic shifts locally around the world, as well as knowing the trends in senior housing is central to becoming known as the industry expert. We not only discuss the many implications for seniors real estate and housing professionals in the coming decade, but what immediate steps need to be taken toward becoming known to your personal platform (SOI) as a specialist in seniors real estate, the mature market, and 55+ housing lifestyles.

Becoming the Expert 

We all recognize that well-known experts didn't become iconic overnight. They mastered the basics, practiced their craft, and immersed themselves into their fields for thousands of hours. We teach you the 7 fundamentals of a a successful CSHP designed to reduce the amount of time it takes for you to become the mature market expert in your service area.  

You will define your strengths, while also identifying and acknowledging any gaps you may have and creating an intentional way to fill them.  Through clarification of your vision, mission, and goals, you will begin formulating a long-term strategy that fits your unique personality, zone of genius, and desired business outcomes.

Assessing the Options

Today’s seniors and caregivers rely on real estate professional for helping them understand and navigate ALL the potential living options. You will establish your point of difference by having working knowledge of all the various 55+ options available to seniors.

Not only do will delve into the particulars of the various senior living options (lease, purchase, independent living, assisted living, CCRC, memory care, skilled care, co-housing, residential care, etc.), we also help you better understand the most common myths and realities surrounding senior living and aging-in-place.

Partnering with Senior Living Communities

Collaborating and partnering with senior living communities during the relocation process greatly improves the client experience.  Not all communities recognize the value of such partnerships, however.  With a steady stream of "typical" real estate agents attempting to forge these relationships, some senior living sales counselors have grown weary of "those real estate agents" ill-equipped and unwilling to provide reciprocal value to them and their residents.

We provide students with a complete protocol, step-by-step procedures, and a written outline with PROVEN best practices, for entering into long-term mutually beneficial relationships with local senior living residences. This means great community relationships, better move-in experiences for new residents (your home sellers), and ultimately more referral opportunities for the agent. 

Serving the Older Adult Client 

Understanding the two developmental phase-of-life tasks faced by many seniors -- and knowing how to navigate them -- is critical to successfully assisting older adults with downsizing and crisis-related moves. Professionals often find themselves serving as counselors, ministers, and surrogate children throughout the transition. This session covers key strategies, systems, and tools for effectively handling even the most challenging senior concerns, housing issues, and family dynamics. 

Resource Team Development 

Developing a network of professional service providers for assisting downsizing seniors is necessary as a means to delivering high level customer service. We teach you the strategies you need for forging worthwhile vendor partner relationships, how to develop an image that attracts like-minded professionals, and the key elements for building referral relationships with other industry professionals.

By using SREI's exclusive strategy for building a senior resource team, you will find that your senior-related AND non-senior leads will increase exponentially.   

Creating a “WOW” Offering

Becoming a specialist requires differentiation and a strong service offering to support senior clients. It is also central to positioning and marketing as the agent of choice for senior clients and adult children. We teach you how to not only create your value proposition, but how to effectively articulate it. We assist you with personalization of your value proposition centered on your unique goals, vision, and zone of genius.

Lead Creation: Give and Receive

Generating opportunities in seniors real estate and housing isn't purely a product of prospecting, it requires building trusting relationships at a variety of levels. By using the principles found in the Law of Reciprocity, we introduce you to multiple best practices for attracting immediate sales leads and future opportunities.

You will understand the key strategic elements to establishing strong personal, professional, and public platforms for short- and long-term profitability and sustainability. 

Branding Your Seniors Niche

Becoming the public icon for all things seniors real estate and housing requires establishing and promoting your unique brand. You will gain insight into online and offline marketing and branding that works, best practices, and how to effectively using third party testimonials and success stories to differentiate yourself as the seniors real estate expert in your market. 

Through effective branding, you will understand the benefits of establishing a public platform and attracting both local and non-local leads.

*order in which information is delivered is subject to change without notice.

Earn Exclusive Advanced Credentials

Become a Certified Senior Housing Professional® 

Join our exclusive community of High Achievers

Graduates of Success in Seniors Real Estate are positioned to earn the Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP)® designation offered exclusively through the Seniors Real Estate Institute! Unlike any other designation in the industry, graduates must complete post-course requirements to earn this advanced credential. What truly sets CSHP agents apart from the others is their commitment to mastery in the field of seniors real estate. 

Stand Up and Be DIFFERENT! 

Many agree that the real estate industry as a whole has become too lenient in the awarding of professional designations. It is this watering-down process that has created consumer distrust, confusion, and ultimately a devaluation of both educational programming and the image of the real estate professional community. We at SREI are NOT willing to indulge in the practice of "giving" people credentials merely for buying a class or engaged in textbook or workshop-style learning.

We believe that it is only through the IMPLEMENTATION of foundational teachings within the material that agents will best serve mature clients, thereby becoming eligible to earn the exclusive Certified Senior Housing Professional designation. This is exactly why post-course requirements must be met prior to being named as a CSHP.

While we understand that for some, the coursework may be enough to propel them forward into a successful real estate practice centered on aging services, for others, however, being included in and surrounded by a community of other high achievers and like-minded professionals is important and valuable. Either way,
we welcome you to participate in Success in Seniors Real Estate courses.  

About our trainers

SREI trainers and coaches are hand-selected and have proven track records of successfully using the tools and systems provided in the Success in Seniors Real Estate courses. Our trainers are invested in your success. When you succeed, we all succeed!

Lead Trainer and SREI Founder, Nikki Buckelew

What our graduates are saying...

Nikki Buckelew is an energetic, passionate, interesting trainer.  I would be glad to be in her class any time! -- Roy Martin, Pivot Realty

Great course with real strategies to help work with seniors.  -- Laura Musall, FC Tucker

One of the best classes I’ve been to.  -- Debra Rodriguez, Keller Williams Avenue

This was the best class in Real Estate I have taken.  -- Jodi Papke, Aspen Realty Services

If you’re at all interested in working with older people, take it! -- Kathie Currier, Coldwell Banker West Shell

This class should be required.  -- Melissa A. Sherman, Sibcy Cline

Very valuable, usable materials if you are interested in seniors and working with them.  -- Mary Pat Coco, Ebby Halliday Realtors

Great course taught by the #1 coach in the industry.  -- Jan Folmar, Ebby Halliday Realtors

A must if you are interested in helping seniors move. -- Joseph Mezera

Success in Seniors Real Estate course

You need to have a passion for working with this segment.  If you do, this course is a must!  -- Linda Feldman, Keller Williams

Great opportunity and must-have information. We registered for the full course so we can get the full package.  -- Dan Goodwin, Keller Williams Overland Park

The course was very educational -- and entertaining!  Highly recommend. -- Trisha L Blunt, Coldwell Banker Good Life

A must attend if you’re focus is the “senior housing market.”  -- Bert Ferguson, Metro Brokers Signature Realty Group

The most valuable course I’ve taken in a long time!  -- Emily Hall, Keller Williams

This was a great class, especially if you enjoy elderly people.  -- Sierra Maconachy

Nikki shoots straight and if I were not in the business, I would tell my parents to hire her.  -- Jeff Ball, Keller Williams EXCEL

Take the course, it’s worth every cent.  -- Lynn Miller, Keller Williams